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Courtesy and common sense rules

The main thing to remember is to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself - most important is courtesy and communication. You don't know if another couple is visiting for the first time ever - or if they've come to such parties for years - without talking to them. Here are some guidelines and also some strict rules to keep in mind:

  1. Twist is an invitation only private party! No one may attend any function or come in the property without being invited to Twist. Twist is not open to the general public. Only couples and single ladies can be invited to our events.

  2. STD (sexually transmitted diseases). As it is a very private matter, we do not inquire about your status nor request any medical proof. It is your responsibility to notify the couple you are about to play with if you have any STD. On our end, we provide all we can to minimize the risk of transmission of such diseases at our party (safety- and hygienical supplies provided, everything is kept as clean as possible). We remind you to be open and easy-going about bringing up the matter when communicating to other couples. We strongly suggest addressing the issue before moving on to the lounge, where the heat of the moment can cause you to forget about it.

  3. Couple should always stay near each other in the play areas. One party can not stay in the play areas alone, if you need to leave the play areas - to go dancefloor to the restroom - you need to go together. The reason for this is that from the distance it suddenly would look as if you were two single people - and it would look as if we didn't keep our promise of providing a "safe, couples only" play space for our guests.

  4. Be respectful. Do not touch or initiate any activity without permission or invitation to do so. Please be gracious if refused. A courteous “No” still means “No”.

  5. BYOB only. We do have some soft drinks and mixers, but provide no alcohol - so you if you'd like to have any, you can bring yours and we will keep it at the bar for you only. Heavy alcohol use is discouraged, remember, no one is comfortable around someone who has no control of his or her faculties. Also guys, excessive alcohol inhibits good performance.


  7. Cameras or video equipment is not permitted on the property. Cell phones may be carried with you, but you must come to the front door if you need to use them (that includes texting or checking messages).

  8. Any conduct requiring an apology is grounds for expulsion.

  9. Partners must leave together. When one leaves the other(s) must also.

  10. No information regarding our guests will be disclosed by Twist and/or its representatives. Please do not contact Twist for any information pertaining to attendance at any event. In other words, do not contact us to find out who will be attending/has attended, their age(s) or what they look like. Our intent is to provide a venue which can be enjoyed by all regardless of age, profession or physical attributes or appearance.

  11. For problems or questions of any kind, please feel free to refer to a staff member.

  12. Staff members are volunteers, and are there to guide you. Please be courteous and respectful.

  13. Last but certainly not least, have fun!

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